• Mariyana Mariyana AKbidBungaKalimantan


The reason for this research is because there is still a lack of awareness of mothers when they want to seek medical treatment / check up for pregnancy does not carry a Mother and Child Health Book. Physically, the mothers were less aware of the importance of bringing a Maternal and Child Health (KIA) book when they wanted to have their pregnancy checked. This study aims to determine the Compliance Overview of Mother Bringing Mother and Child Health Books in Banjarmasin BPM I in 2019.

               This study uses descriptive research methods. The population is all pregnant women who check their pregnancy at BPM I. The sample in this study were 50 pregnant women.

                                                                                                                                                                         The results of the research obtained in BPM I, the obedient respondents were 9 people (18%), quite obedient as many as 16 people (32%), and those who were less obedient were 25 people (50%).

               Based on the results of this study, then suggestions for health workers especially midwives to try to improve counseling about the importance of the use of maternal and child health books for knowledge about pregnancy and the risk of pregnancy.

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