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Visual Impairment, Elementary School Age


Visual impairment or myopia is refraction disorder with high prevalence in Indonesia and mostly it is found Of children of elementary school age.  Early detection is needed to find out whether the children have suffered visual impairment.

This study applied the observasional analytic method, using the Cross Sectional approach and purposive sampling method. Respondents are 80 students of first, second,third,   fourth, fifth, and sixth class at SDN 02 Pasar baru Pagatan Kecamatan Kusan Hilir.

Result of this study, 39% have suffered visual impairment, whereas for 61% have not. Based on bivariat analysis, it was found that the factors,which influence the visual impairment are hereditary factor (p value=0.003<0.05), reading range to eyes (p value=0.002<0.05), reading duration (p value=0.003<0.05), and range of using computer (p value=0.001<0.05). 

Factors that correlate significantly toward visual impairment of the first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth elementary school students at SDN 02 Pasar baru Pagatan are hereditary factor, reading range to eyes, reading duration, and and range of using computer.